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Unlock the Potential of Media Production

Elevate Media Partners is a leading production company dedicated to creating compelling films and media content. Our mission is to produce high-quality entertainment that captivates audiences across various platforms, including independent films that aim to become major successes.

Our Approach

Affiliated Tech Collaborations
Diversified Portfolio

Our Advantage

Industry Expertise

Our deep understanding of the entertainment industry guides us in identifying and developing promising projects.

Collaborative Approach

We foster a creative and supportive environment, working closely with filmmakers to realize their visions.

Strategic Distribution

We collaborate with distributors to maximize the reach and potential of our productions.

Be a part of the Future of Entertainment.

The landscape of the entertainment industry is evolving rapidly, with growing demand for diverse and original content. 

Elevate Media Partners is at the forefront of this shift, offering a unique opportunity to collaborate on exciting film and media projects, including independent films that have the potential to become major successes.


Meeting the Demand for Original Content

In an era of increasing demand for original content, Elevate Media Partners is committed to delivering innovative film and television projects. 

With a focus on producing captivating storytelling, we strive to meet the evolving needs of global audiences.

EMP Strategy

Elevate Media Partners takes a strategic approach to film production, offering a diverse portfolio of projects. 

Elevate Media Partners takes a strategic approach to film production, offering a diverse portfolio of projects. 


Join Our Creative Journey

Are you a filmmaker with a compelling project? Contact us to explore how Elevate Media Partners can help bring your story to the screen.

Our Team

Meet the dynamic team behind our success – a blend of seasoned filmmakers, passionate producers, and experienced production specialists committed to shaping the future of entertainment.

RJ Collins

General Partner

Former child actor RJ Collins, now known as Raja, transitioned to producing, boasting 50+ film/TV credits. A visionary producer and finance expert, he founded Seven Universe Studios and Elevate Media Partners.

Sherwin Estanislao

General Partner

Sherwin, a veteran VC and entrepreneur, boasts a two-decade career. With his 1587 Fund I, he strategically backs successful startups, showcasing talent identification and industry insights in venture capital.

Peter Cheng

General Partner

Peter, a seasoned VC, nurtures startups with 20+ years in IT leadership. His skills in software development and strategic planning drive growth and enable him to invest in groundbreaking technologies.

Ian Conover

General Partner

Ian, blending film production and finance, began as a camera operator, winning awards for indie films. As a Financial Advisor, he raised capital for various funds. Ian's dedication led him to found Diversified Pictures Fund in 2021.

Julian Legazpi


Julian, a seasoned executive, led as CEO/MD in Asia for a multinational, overseeing operations in LATAM and EMEA. He now manages a diverse portfolio of companies, from early stage to Series B, holding a G. MBA from the Gustavson School of Business.

Jayson Guzman

Partner Relations

A versatile innovator and strategist, Goose seamlessly blends disciplines for exceptional results. His achievements prove a focus on execution and creative impact. He's a leader redefining industry standards.

Eric Brenner


Since 1992, Eric Brenner has thrived in media and finance, from Sandollar Productions to founding Global Direct Marketing Solutions. With over 30 global films produced, his expertise spans the production cycle, from financing at Informant Media to establishing ETA Films.